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Bài tập Ứng dụng – Mệnh đề Điều kiện

Type 1:

If we   , we     there in time. (HURRY, GET)

I           to the doctor unless the pain   . (NOT GO, INCREASE)

If you   in public places you    into trouble. (SMOKE, GET)

We       for a picnic tomorrow if the weather   nice. (GO, STAY)

Everyone         you if you        them the truth. (BELIEVE, TELL)

If he     up, he to work on time. (NOT WAKE, NOT GET)

If she   her keys, she   angry. (LOSE, BE)

If the baby       a boy, I            him Jonathon. (BE, CALL)

You     an accident if you        so carelessly. (CAUSE, DRIVE)

She      it if she            me the truth. (REGRET, NOT TELL)

If you   the house now, you     late for the meeting. (NOT LEAVE, BE)

Margaret         to the party unless you            her. (NOT COME, INVITE)

I           you with the dishes if you       tired. (HELP, BE)

We       any tickets for the performance unless we      them in advance. (NOT GET, BUY)

If you   shouting, I       to you. (NOT STOP, NOT LISTEN)

If the dog         again, I            the police. (BARK, NOTIFY)

If you   too much, you weight (EAT, NOT LOSE)

If it still           tomorrow, I     to work. (RAIN, NOT GO)

Unless she       the ambulance immediately, her father           . (CALL, DIE)

If you   harder, you      in your exams. (TRY, SUCCEED)


Type 2:

If I       a car, I to school. (HAVE, DRIVE)

If she   foreign languages, she             a job more easily. (SPEAK, GET)

I           to a lawyer if I             you. (GO, BE)

If I       the lottery, I     myself for a new life. (WIN, PREPARE)

If I       a purse on the sidewalk, I        it to the lost and found office. (FIND, TAKE)

If I       my own car, I to take the bus to work every day. (HAVE, NOT HAVE)

Jane     very happy if someone            her a job. (BE, OFFER)

If she   a mouse, she    . (SEE, PANIC)

If my dad         more, we         our holidays abroad. (EARN, SPEND)

She      so much if she             smoking. (NOT COUGH, STOP)

If I       my son a lot of money, he       all of it. (GIVE, SPEND)

I           to get a better job if I   a university degree. (TRY, HAVE)

If you   a dangerous animal in the street, what            ? (SEE, YOU DO)

If dad harder, he        to ask his boss for more money. (WORK, NOT HAVE)

I           my friends more often if I       more free time. (SEE, HAVE)

I           the meat if it    so salty. (EAT, NOT BE)

If she   for more help, I           her down. (ASK, NOT TURN)

If I       her address, I   her an invitation. (KNOW, SEND)

If he     afraid of heights he     by plane. (NOT BE, TRAVEL)

I           more photos if the camera       . (TAKE, WORK)


Type 3:

If I       more, I            the exam. (STUDY, PASS)

Mark   me if he           my cell number. (PHONE, NOT LOSE)

We       a taxi if the public transport workers    on strike. (NOT TAKE, NOT BE)

Mom   us to the beach if it      . (TAKE, NOT RAIN)

If I       you were coming, I     you at the airport. (KNOW, MEET)

I           them a present if they me to their wedding. (BUY, INVITE)

If we    a map with us, we       the village in time. (TAKE, REACH)

If Emma          up earlier, she the train. (GET, REACH)

If I       shopping, what            ? (NOT GO, YOU EAT)

If you   the fine, you    to prison. (PAY, BE SENT)

She      me if she          I was busy. (NOT VISIT, KNOW)

We       to Spain if there           the right flight. (FLY, BE)

My dad            mom if she      a poor lady. (NOT MARRY, BE)

If the wall        properly it       down. (BE BUILT, NOT BREAK)

If I       more careful, I             so many mistakes. (BE, NOT MAKE)

I           there in time if the weather     better (ARRIVE, BE)

If I       _ more time, I my homework. (HAVE, DO)

If Nina             well, my aunt her to the zoo. (BEHAVE, TAKE)

If I       to the stereo, I the doorbell. (NOT LISTEN, HEAR)

If he     with us to the cinema,             himself. (COME, ENJOY)


Tổng hợp

Manchester wouldn’t have lost the match if the goalkeeper                     better.


If John were older, he                        Susan. (MARRY)

If the manager is in the shop, he                     your questions. (ANSWER)

We will go swimming tomorrow if it . (NOT RAIN)

If I                           this car, I wouldn’t even get $1,000 for it. (SELL)

The students                           their exams if they had studied harder. (PASS)

Of his mother                       to send the letter, the headmaster would have received it in time. (NOT FORGET)

If the computer breaks down, I           what to do. (NOT KNOW)

It          a great help if you had your things ready to go. (BE)

If I                           my house in Knightsbridge, I would buy a new one somewhere else. (SELL)

If you                                    harder, the boss might have been pleased with you. (WORK)

If the weather were nicer, I                          to live here. (CAN)

If the sun         , would you be happy? (SHINE)

If dad                      too much, he will get a stomach ache again. (EAT)

It          a lot of fun if you helped me. (BE)

If they had visited us, we                 a wonderful evening together. (SPEND)

If I catch some fish,                        them for me? (YOU FRY)

If you                           the bell, someone will answer it. (RING)

You would have found the tickets if you        into your pockets more carefully. (LOOK)

If I                    you for a cigarette, would you give me one? (ASK)

If I                    a spider in my bathroom I would cry out loud. (SEE)

The teacher will be very angry if you in your homework on time (NOT HAND)

If you                        to learn a lot, you would have taken this course. (WANT)

If you                      quickly you will catch the bus. (RUN)

I would be very proud if she                     my sister. (BE)

I           to your party if I had had time. (COME)

If you                   the flowers, they won’t survive. (NOT WATER)

The beach would be an ideal place for a picnic if it                  so crowded. (NOT BE)

If she                       the book carefully, she would have understood it. (READ)

Be careful! If you touch this wire you            a shock. (GET)

She could win the race if she _______________. (TRY)

If it rains the roads     wet. (BE)

We would be very pleased if our team        today. (WIN)

If Peter            his money, he would have been able to buy a new bike. (SAVE)

If you   a bit longer, you can see the new queen. (WAIT)

If Chris            soon, we’ll start without him. (NOT COME)

If I        so tired, I would go with you to the cinema. (NOT BE)

Mike would win the ace if he            more quickly. (RUN)

            for me if I had come later? (YOU WAIT)

If you come to my place, I                      you my new computer. (SHOW)

If Ann had bought the new car, she           a lot of money. (PAY)

What would you do if your car        down in the middle of the motorway? (BREAK)

If I were you, I           the yellow dress. (TAKE)

If          , you’ll miss the bus. (YOU, NOT HURRY)

If he    in England, he would speak English better. (LIVE)

We      take the bus if the weather gets bad. (CAN)

If their son     so much trouble, they would have been here earlier. (NOT MAKE)

If I        more time, I would have done it myself. (HAVE)

If you keep on smoking, you           lung cancer (GET).

If motorcycles           so loud, I would buy one. (NOT BE)

If Mary had heard you were here, she                 you. (CALL)



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